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I am a master of meditation in Japan. I explain meditation stages, psychic and hallucination. The cover photo is east Shiga.

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I write many meditations. Payee's bank accountAccount with Bank : MUFG Bank, LTD.Bank Adrres : 2-7-1 MARUNOUCHI CHIYODA-KU TOKYO 100-8388 JAPANBranch : Ikeda (790)   or  Ikeda BRANCHSwift code : BOTKJPJT   or    BOTKJPJTXXXAccount type : standa

This blog is free to use. In guided meditation, the mind moves automatically. It's a breakthrough. Most of it is also free.Please use it.Some of the things that raise the stage are available to donors. Monks should not easily step up the meditation witho
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Welcome  I am a master of meditation in Osaka. I have been meditating for 38 years. There are Tibetan esoteric techniques, mental mechanisms, to reduce anger & sadness, calming down. You only read it, and you can experience guided meditation. You will
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