Meditation Stage

I am a master of meditation in Japan. I explain meditation stages, psychic and hallucination. The cover photo is east Shiga.

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Hallucinations and visions can already be treated. A osychiatrist can not cure it well. Some exorcists and psychics can be cured. A advanced meditator often have hallucinations. He knows the way to stop it.  I suggest it here.Why do hallucinations and vi
『Meditation to stop hallucinations and visions』の画像

Panic disorder The patient regularly have sudden strong anxiety and panic. The symptoms include a racing heartbeat, sweating, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, tremors, and numbness. This is a mental illness. You can heal with meditation.After anx
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I am a master of meditation looking at the mandala. This time we propose meditation to improve eyesight.The meditation keeps your body and mind healthy. But, many meditators wear glasses. It is funny. I wear it too. Because we don't know how to improve ou
『Meditation to improve eyesight』の画像

 I am a master of meditation in Osaka. This time, I will explain meditation to prevent the infection of COVID-19. It has a high mortality rate in the flu. If you get the pneumonia, you will be hospitalized. It is scary.What can you do with meditation aga
『Meditation to prevent COVID-19』の画像