Meditation Stage

I am a master of meditation in Japan. I explain meditation stages, psychic and hallucination. The cover photo is east Shiga.

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 Selflessness is an important mind state in Buddhism. In meditation, you can reach he six realms of samsara, Awakening, and Nirvana from there. Let's master it.What is selflessness?There is no self. You consist of your body, your senses, your desires, yo
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In this meditation, you will experience the origin of hell. You go around many hells. You are reincarnated, and get out of there and wake up. You enter Nirvana (heaven).This is a Bhavachakra meditation. This is handed down to Tibet and Southeast Asia. It
『Enter Nirvana: the six realms of samsara (Bhavachakra meditation)』の画像

Nirvana It is the goal of meditation in Buddhism. Many of Buddha's disciples have reached Nirvana. This isn't really difficult. That was great. They were impressed with it. They were proud of it.Selflessness In today's Buddhism, it is a state of selfles
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I am a master of meditation in Osaka. This time, I explain how to see Buddha. The Buddha is the guardian spirit and his companions in heaven. You get used to this, the mandala will fill up with Buddha.Buddhism is the teaching of "Buddha". Seeing Buddha in
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 I am a master of meditation in Osaka. This time, I explain how to see Mandalas in a meditation. Naganjuna had not seen a mandala for many years. One day he finally saw it. He was very pleased.Carl Gustav Jung often saw the mandala and recorded it. Tibet
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