In this meditation, you will experience the origin of hell. You go around many hells. You are reincarnated, and get out of there and wake up. You enter Nirvana (heaven).

This is a Bhavachakra meditation. This is handed down to Tibet and Southeast Asia. It is not known in the USA or Europe. Here, I will explain how to go through it.

Bhavachakra meditation - (wiki Bhavachakra)
In this meditation you watch the the six realms of samsara(reincarnation). These six realms are Human realm, Hungry ghost realm, Hell realm, Demi-god realm, Animal realm and God realm. This is the process of going around the rebirth circle. You go through them and finally awaken. You enter Nirvana(heaven).

How to enter the six realms of samsara
You erase yourself and become selfless. You see just black. You go down to the right. Then you see the dark front well. You entered it.

Go to the bottom right - Hell Route (Memories of bad thoughts)
Go to the bottom left - (Memories of good movements)
About the hell route
You watch bad memories in front of you. You look back at good memories. There are a total of 15 stages from 0 to 14. There are first half and last half in a stage.The first half of the stage is dark gray and the last half of it is pitch black. You go around your chest. After passing through this, you will enter the white area. From there you go up a lot, you will enter Nirvana.

What you see in the hell
You are in a very dark world. "Scary things, fears, dangerous things" appear one after another in front. You go past these. They are your bad memories. They are categorized into 14 by the each stage theme.

To watch clearly what you see
While watching something scary, you either go to the right or look under your chin. Then you see the whole memory of it clearly. 

You see Buddhist hell
You see the dark world, scary people, hungry people, bitterness, screams, fog, rivers, dead trees, animals, etc. in this meditation. These are your bad memories. This is the origin of Buddhist hell.

How to meditate it
First, You meditate. You are here.
1, Think." I erase myself." You become selfless, and enter the black area.
The black area is in the upper half of the front of the meditation space.
2, You go to bottom right. Then it goes around the nose and land on the tip of the nose.
Bottm right - Hell route. Bad memories 

Another Route
Bottom left - Good memories of movements
Top right - Looking back on the good memories of life
Top left - Last Judgement. You look back on your memory of sinful and bad behavior

3, You see a dark-black world. You move forward.
4, You see bad, scary, dangerous, and terrible sights one after another in the dark.
5, When you want to know what is the dark things, you look 5-6 cm below your chin or look around your chest. You can clearly see the memory of it.
6, Sometimes you look back, and see memories of joy. You see good memories behind.

7, You just move forward more. You enter a pitch black world. it is the last half of a stage. You see something bad motion in a dark. You go out of there. And you take the next step move on.

8, You repeat from 1 to 7 15 times. As the stage goes up, you go around your chest a little.You go around your chest.
9, At the final stage, you see animals. Then you go out of the black area.

10, When you go out of black zone. It is over. You enter the next gray zone.
11, The gray area has 4 routes. You choose going into six realms of samsara of gray area or entering nirvarna. You proceed bottom right and enter the gray area of the six realms. It is different from the black zone hell.

12, When you look up from there, you see a world that shines above the white light.
You go in there. You see Nirvana.
Nirvarna - Example

List of bad memories you see for each stage
Stage 0, people - scary people, poor people, Angry man, crimnal ,Incredible Man, Molester, etc.
1, Physiological desire - bad food, bad drinks, etc.
2, Five senses - Tragedy, accident scenes, funeral scenes, screaming, pain, suffering.
3, Perception - Watch scenes such as science fiction and fairy tales such as scary stories.
4, Exercise - Bad exercise includes hanging, harsh exercise, torture, and the experience of reaching the limits of your body.
5, Logic - Exam questions, illogical stories
6, Society - When you are beggar or poor, when you are at the bottom of society, when you are ashamed, your social status has fallen.
7, Spaces - deserts, devastated and dirty towns, haunted houses, scary rooms, dirty places, etc.
8, Surface - ugly pictures, horror comics, murderous pictures, etc.
9, Line - ghost stories you heard or read, scary sentences. Also dark music. ..
10, Point - hinder blinking like a Pokemon panic. terrible ngiht .
11, Air-Scary gas memories include poisonous gas, hot, burnt air, and dangerous gas odors.
12, Solids & Liquid - Haunted house items, horror items, etc.
13, Plants - dead and pathetic plants, plants that did not grow, trees that fell miserably, and trees that were dying.
14, Animals - The memories of poor animals are dying pets, sick animals, injured animals and people.

Nirvana (heaven)
You finish around the six realms of samsara. If you go up directly above from there, you will enter Nirvana. Then you are liberated in Buddhism and awaken.
In nirvana you see your Buddha (your guardian spirit) a few meters in front of you. You see around it. The Buddha is almost in a gorgeous building. Other spirits are there. It moves.
This is the ultimate Buddhist meditation. Those who watches nirvana know the essence of Buddhism.

What is reincarnation? 
You first see scary people, hunger, and penance. You see poor people, criminals, and so on. This is the hell of Buddhism. The scenery changes from here. Cloudy gas comes out there. You see deserts, cliffs, floods. You climb a steep mountain.

And you enter the river. The plant will appear. You go into the woods. You then see the animals such as spiders, scorpions, wolves, ferocious dogs and mosquitoes. There is also a way to get out of reincarnation and go to heaven. This may have been interpreted as a rebirth in ancient times.

Where is the Great Enma (Yama)?
There is a Buddha at each stage. You can see the Buddhas in stages 0-14. They are called the Ten Kings in Japan and China. They are called the Ten Kings (Nara natinal museum). The most famous of these is the Great Enma (Yama wiki).
 You can see the Buddhas from the right side of the image of hell. This Buddha is hard to see.

Guided meditation
 Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience these. Please. " When you think so, you can experience these by the invisible machine. Let's meditate.

1, Meditate. Think, "Please let me be selfless." It looks black.
2, "Take me in the six realms of samsara, please." You turn bottom right and enter it.
3, "Please show me something." You look scary things. 
4, "Please show it clearly." And you do that.
5, When you want to specify the stage, think "Please show stage X." X is from 0 to 14.
6, "Show me ten kings (or Enma)." You see it. 
7, When you want to see nirvana, think "Please enter to nir vana." You will so it.

See you.

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