Hallucinations and visions can already be treated. A osychiatrist can not cure it well. Some exorcists and psychics can be cured. A advanced meditator often have hallucinations. He knows the way to stop it.  I suggest it here.

Why do hallucinations and visions visivle?
There are three reasons for it. 1, Become audible 2, Be visible 3, Contact with anything.

1, How to hear hallucinations
When the patient's multidimensional self (audioty hallucination is stage minus 4) moves 6-10 cm to the left from your body, you will hear hallucinations.
The multidimensional self puts its ear on this glow. This is Azina Chakna.
Some people use their sahasra(vertex) chakra.
Inspiration is felt among the chakras.
Hallucinations are heard at many stages. Psychics and hallucinatory patients use stage minus 4 most. Other stages are 7, 16, 34, 45, 58, 70, 82, 94, 106, 118, 130, 142. Stage 7 is the spiritual stage, so he can mainly hear ghost voices. He can hear it at the ear stage.When he closes his ears in stage 4, he hardly hear, but the hallucinations do not stop completely.
2, How to see vision
Vision is seen when the patient's multidimensional self (spiritual vision is stage minus 5) shifts 4-8 cm to the left from his body.
It sees its Ajina Chakra.
A patient sees hallucinations at various stages. Most uses stage minus 5. It also be seen in stages 7,15,?, 44,57,69,81,93,105,117,129,141,148 (-4). The stage 7 is the spiritual stage where he sees the spirit. He see it at eye stages. Even if he does not use the stage -4 eyes, it does not stop completely.

3, How to contact with an entity
During a contact, hallucinations is heard and seen. Psychics see spirits and aliens and hear their voices. Most phychic use stage 3 or 4. A patient sees what the his stage 3 body sees and hear what it heard.That is a contact.

A contact is done when a contact device is attached to the head. It is invisivle. When you or someone wish it, the device will be installed immediately to you by an entity. That's when you read alien books and channeling books. When you're unlucky, a bad psychics in the neighborhood does it secretly to you.
The contact device is always on the head.

To stop hallucinations and vision
Hallucinations stop when the conditions for contact end.

Contact conditions 
a, Stage -4 body is in the listening position.
b, Stage -5 body is in the vision position.
c, the contact device is removed from the head

Do it on your own intention or let an expert do it.

Meditation to stop hallucinations
This meditation stops hallucinations and vision. You move your multidimensional self to non contatct position by this.

Imagine the following
 There is a drum 120 cm behind the head and 70 cm above the head. Hit it 10 times by your hand. Then sit to your left. This is one set. Repeat 30-40 sets.
Many your multidimensional self sit your left side by this. Then, your hallucinations and visions stop. Because stage  -4 & -5 body remove from the position where it can be heard and seen.

After this practice, to stop it, imagine yourself is left side of you.

Guided meditation
 Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience these. Please. " When you think so, you can experience these by the invisible machine. Let's meditate.
 The following meditations stop hallucinations, vision, and anxiety. You can experience it for a specified time.
You can specify the time from 3 minutes to 2 hours. If you do not specify anything, it is 3 minutes. 

1, Do the meditation. Think, "I will meditate to stop hallucinations and vision X minutes."

Hallucinations stop when your multidimensional self (stages 2 to 10, stages minus 4 and minus 5) sit beside your body. It remove contact devices from stage 3,4 body. 

2, More powerful meditation. Think. "I will meditate to stop hallucinations and vision X minutes strongly."

 This separate your multidimensional self (stage minus 7 to 10) at least 1 m from your body for the specified time. It remove contact devices from stage stage -7~10 body. Your hallucinations stop strongly.

See you.