It is the goal of meditation in Buddhism. Many of Buddha's disciples have reached Nirvana. This isn't really difficult. That was great. They were impressed with it. They were proud of it.

 In today's Buddhism, it is a state of selflessness. The meditator erases the worldly desires, erases himself in his mind, and gets there. It looks very dark there.
But that would be different from the Nirvana of Buddha's time. Selflessness is nothing great. Ancient practitioners are not impressed when they see a world of total darkness. No one would have aimed for it.

True nirvana
Nirvana has the meaning of heaven. Actually, in meditation, you suddenly see the dazzling world of heaven after you are selfless. That would be true nirvana. You see Buddhas, buildings, forests and trees. The ancients are impressed when they see heaven. In this meditation, the practitioner respects Buddha. It is not "selfless meditation" that Buddha gained believers, but "meditation to see heaven".

Why was the meditation to see heaven erased?
It is easy to do with meditation. People do not practice for a long time if they awaken as easily as in the time of Buddha.

Nirvana meditation
Medite. 1, Erase yourself. 2, Look up from there. Then you can see heaven.

1, selfless meditation
Meditate and imagine yourself disappearing. Imagine that there is no your body in a room. Then, the field of view of meditation becomes black. 

When your body is erased, your desires of stages 1-4 such as desires, five senses, perception, and motor nerves disappear.Furthermore, when you erase the "outside world", the desires of stages 5-14 disappear.

At first, your eyes are here. The field of view is dark, but not pitch black. (The color is colorful, but it's actually dark gray)
When you erase yourself, your field of vision becomes black.
This black is the color of the motor nerves. You erase yourself and see the motor nerves. Advanced meditators will have experienced this situation many times. They would not be convinced that this was a state of awakening. Me too.

2, Meditation to see heaven
Surprisingly, you can see a shining heaven after selfless meditation.

From now on, you will do something while keeping selfless.

Imagine. You cross the wall in front of you and look up. Repeat 2-5 times until you see something shining.
You see heaven and Buddha up close.
In this way, You can see heaven well.
This is an example. There is a Buddha (guardian spirit) in the middle. You can see where he is. What you see is the same as meditation to see the Buddha. However, it looks different.

You got the hang of it. From now on, whenever you become selfless and look up, you will see this. You have awakened.

Attention-This Buddha does not speak.
Guided meditation
 Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience these. Please. " When you think so, you can experience these by the invisible machine. And let's meditate.
You can specify the time from 3 minutes to 2 hours. If you do not specify anything, it is 3 minutes.

1, Think, "Let me do selfless meditation for X minutes." When you meditate, your vision looks pitch black.

2, Think, "Let me meditate of the nirverna for X minutes." You see heaven when you meditate.

See You.