A person takes the drug and contact with an invisible entity. He can not stop it. Grounding bring such a person back to normal. It is also a way to cure dissociative symptoms.

Is the net grounding method useful?
There is a grounding method on the net. Imagine that. The coccyx chakra glows red. From there, the red light extends to the center of the earth. It connects with the core of the earth. Then you stop contact and regain sanity.

Does the net method really work?
I tried this. This is a meditation focused on the coccyx chakra. However, the effect is not high. This is not a meditation that connects the earth and the body. You don't have to connect to the earth to stop contact.

Reasons for a contact to stop
You are aware of the bottom of your tailbone. Your mind enters the bottom of the middle area in the meditation space. Here is dense of emotions. Then it is difficult to contact.

The point of Grounding
I researched to find out which part stop a contact most. I developed the most effective meditation.
It is the reddish purple part that the mind stabilizes the most. It's dense of emotion here. A contact is difficult here. It is stage 0 to reduce inspiration. The bottom of figure is the most effective.
How to meditate grounding
1, Meditate. Focus and touch in the middle of your head, 1 cm before your ear holes. Or , You meditate. You enter your red-purple part of bottom.
2, Imagine covering your ears with your hands.

Did it work? Let's stay there for a long time. Now you can ground. Your contact will stop. 

Guided meditation
 Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience these. Please. " When you think so, you can experience it by the invisible machine. And let's meditate. Do it at your own risk. This does not make you worse.
You can specify the time from 3 minutes to 2 hours. If you do not specify anything, it is 3 minutes. If you think of "5 minutes", that is the time. You cannot do this if something goes wrong during meditation.

1, Think. "Let me experience the meditation of  grounding." You can experience it.

2, Think, "I want to do the best grounding." Then you can experience it. You enter the red-purple part. Go to stage 0. And move right - bottom - left - top - left - left. Then you are most calm and your senses return. This can specify the time. Normally 20 minutes.

See You.