Panic disorder
 The patient regularly have sudden strong anxiety and panic. The symptoms include a racing heartbeat, sweating, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, tremors, and numbness. This is a mental illness. You can heal with meditation.

After anxiety, the patient will have panic symptoms. He causes the ill by consciousness. Meditation also controls the mind and causes various changes in amind and a body. The disease can be healed by a meditation.

I will propose the treatment method by the meditation. This is the folk remedy. There are individual differences and it is not always possible to heal.
What is the mechanism of the panic disorder?
 I researched the 5 patients. From there I discovered it.They thought as follows. And they get panic.

This figure is a large drawing of the back, top and right of the head.
1, The patient's consciousness goes into the right side of the blue-purple area.
2, When the right blue-purple wall is stimulated, it reaches the stage minus 1.
3, When he does something, his consciousness goes up to the upper blue-purple area.
4, His consciousness goes forward.
5, To enter the upper sky-blue area, he panics with his body numb. 

What is the stage minus 1 anomaly on the part of the purple right area?
 The patient will only panic at the stage -1.The patient will not panic on the stage -2.  To go down 1 stage stimulate once the blue-purple wall on the right.
What does a patient imagine to panic?
People with panic disorder are active, such as singers and actors. What they have in common is a panic pose. Sober people never make this pose. They do not easily become a panic disorder. This is one of the causes.

As shown above, the patient has a very special imagination to have a panic disorder. Therefore, this symptom is rare. When this patient is surprised, he poses for a panic. This is one of the causes.
When his hand is next to his head, his temporal region is stimulated. He feels a temporal stimulus, and often 1, his consciousness goes to the right side of his head. 2, Waving his right hand stimulates the purple wall. 3, Many people raise their hands when doing this pose. Then his consciousness will rise to the upper area. He looks around in that pose. 4, He looks ahead. His consciousness then enters the area where panic symptoms occur. Panic poses can cause panic disorder.

The panic pose is danger
 Even if the patient does not actually make a panic pose, he can get the same symptoms just by imagining it.

1, He raises right hand and shake his hand. Then his consciousness enters the purple right wall.
2, If he shake his right hand in that state, the stage will progress.
3, He shaked his hand even more violently. His mind enters the upper area. That is just before panic disorder.
4, When he gets confused, he looks around. his consciousness is in the area ahead, moving forward. He stimulates around there. Then he have symptoms of panic disorder.

 Imagine the panic pose is one of the reasons of panic disorder.

If you are confused, try to drop your hands to your side, below your waist. It's safe.

Heal panic disorder
 This psychosis will not be healed immediately at the hospital. I propose methods to heal effectively in a short period.

The first step in treatment is not to pose or imagine it. During the symptoms, consciousness is in a special position in the mind. It is important to remove it from there.

There are two methods.
1, Change your mind and body to avoid panic disorder.
2, Stop panic disorder immediately.

1, meditation make the less panic disorder body
 You only panic when your stage is at minus 1 on your blue-purple part. It is dangerous. You will not have it when your stage is minus 2 or more. It is important to proceed to stage minus 2 immediately. This meditation changes your brain so.
Meditation (Image trainnig)
Imagine or do this. You hits each of the following points 100 times with your right hand. This is one set. Do 3 sets a day. The purple part on the right wall is about 0.8-1.0m behind you.

A, Right wall, 1 foot (12 cm) above the floor
B, Right wall, above head

In this meditation, your side blue-purple part will reach -2 or higher. This will avoid staying in stage -1 and reduce the panic disorder.

2, Recover from a panic disorder
This meditations is for a person who get a panic disorder. Panic symptoms are caused when patient's consciousness enters the upper area. This meditation changes that and cure it.
You meditate and imagine practice A (You hit right wall, a little behind, 1 foot (12 cm) above the floor).

By doing these meditations (image training), you can improve your brain to less likely to have panic disorder.

Guided meditation
 Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience these. Please. " When you think so, you can experience it by the invisible machine. Let's meditate. Do it at your own risk.
Program 1
Think, "Please let me experience the meditation A." Then you do the following:

A, Strike the right wall, 10 cm above the floor and 80 cm behind 100 times.

Program 2
Meditation that panic symptoms stop immediately

Think. "Stop panic disorder." In meditation, you hit 10 cm above the floor and 15-20 cm behind on the right wall more than 30 times. It continues until your panic finish.

The effect varies from person to person.

See you.