I am a master of meditation in Osaka. I have been meditating for 38 years. There are Tibetan esoteric techniques, mental mechanisms, to reduce anger & sadness, calming down. You only read it, and you can experience guided meditation. You will enjoy here. 


I explained the meditation in detail. These are for beginners to advanced meditators. Let's enjoy the profound world.

1, Beginner
(2022 Oct 11)

Calm Down
Turn head - Easy calm down method
You have perseverance , Suppress anger - Look right down
Eliminate the loneliness - Effect of sulfur so on

How to be smart in meditation for jobs?
How to work smart and live wisely in meditation?
Heal anxiety disorders
Improve insights - Effect of Azina chakra
Improve Physical fitness - Look left up
Heal panic disorder 
Stop  hallucinations and visions
Grounding  - stop contact to an entity
Heal for substance abuse
Acquire complete memory
Body warm even in winter (burns fat)
Prevent COVID-19 - Avoid the patient, It is not usefull after Nov,2020

2, Advanced
Where do you stay in your mind during meditation?
Mind Space
Eye of meditation 
What are tubes
What are parts
What is the stage
Feel the theme of the stage

Stage up

Stages - general
How to know your meditation stage
Go up stages earlier
Reverse Stage (general)
Experience the upper stage easily

1, Base 2,Physiological desire 3, Five senses 4, Perception 5, Movement 6, Reason
7,Society 8, Space 9, Plane 10,Line 11, Point 12, material 13, plant 14, animal

Contact to entities(alien, spirit so on)
Open a third eye
See the past and the future
Mind reading
Gain wisdom
Astral Projection
Dreaming freely

Enter Nirvana - A little difficult
See Mandala - Too difficult 
Enter Nirvana: The six realms of samsara - Highest


I taught you the secret meditations.  I am very poor. S
upport me.