I am a master of meditation in Osaka. I have been meditating for 38 years. My job is to predict earthquakes by my clairvoyance. I show various meditation methods here. Tibetan esoteric techniques, mental mechanisms, to reduce anger & sadness, calming down. The way to go up the stages, seeing a Buddha , mandala and dream. Astral projection. Just by reading, you can experience guided meditation. You can experience the world of masters. You get to enjoy meditation more. I'm waiting for your impressions.

Tasuku Ohno

New !!
Contact by Meditation - You learn contact free (May 1)

Where do you stay in your mind during meditation? - (May 26)


I explained the mechanism of the mind in detail. I have prepared from elementary to advanced. Enjoy the profound world of meditation. This is the best content on the net in the world except Tibet.

A, Beginner

Calm Down (eliminate anger & sadness)

  • Turn head (calm down method)
  • Meditation to dissociate
  • Meditation looking at the back of the head
  • Meditation to eliminate loneliness
B, Advanced
14 parts
Stage up

1,Physiological desire 2, Five senses 3, Perception 4, Movement 5, Reason 6,Society 7, Space 8, Plane 9,Line 10, Point 11, gas 12, solid 13, plant 14, animal
  • Mental Stages
  • How many chakra's stages are there?
  • Meditation to know your mental stage
  • Meditation to know the theme of your stage
C, Master, Monk, Expert
  • Get inspired (Hearing / Insight)
  • Dreaming freely
  • Contact (May 1 NEW!!)
  • Astral Projection
  • Open third eye (Apr 11 NEW!!)
  • Mind reading
  • See the past and the future
  • Gain wisdom
I am studying new meditation in Osaka every day. Thank you for your support.