Welcome to the world of meditation masters.

 How do you enlighten by meditation? Can we have a high spirit with it? How can we raise the stage of meditation? How can anxiety, calm anger and calm the mind? How do we experience Buddhism borders and see mandalas? How to gain psychic power through meditation. Here, I will introduce you from the basics to such high-level meditation.

 Meditation is full of mysteries. The book shows the benefits of meditation. But the reason is not written. Which meditation is better for relieving fatigue, healing and calming the mind? Tibetan meditation is awesome. But words are esoteric. Here's the answer.

 I show here the basics and applications, theories and methods of meditation. I have prepared many free guided meditations. Just read it and you can experience guided meditation.

Now, let's solve the secret of meditation. And get all the wisdom. And become the best meditation master.

 Here I present my scientific research on meditation (mindfulness). I also suggest a wonderful lifestyle throught meditation. The goal is to increase the number of people who live better. This is not a religion. Please understand that.

 Tasuku Ohno