I am a master of meditation in Osaka. This time, I explain how to see Mandalas in a meditation. Naganjuna had not seen a mandala for many years. One day he finally saw it. He was very pleased.
Carl Gustav Jung often saw the mandala and recorded it. Tibetan monks draw a mandala in Kara Chakra Tantra. Mandala is not visible in normal meditation. It is a secret.

 During the meditation, you can see many Buddhas and structures. That's it. In one mandala, there is a big Buddha in the center and small Buddhas around it. The Kalachakra Mandala is like a cross section of a building. A Buddha is a guardian spirit in heaven. There are excellent monks in Tibet who draws the mandala. That will be correct. 

4 Mandalas
There are almost four types of mandala.

1, Buddha in the center, 3 Buddhas are on each side
2, Kalachakra Mandala. It is no Buddha. Many towers viewed from above
3, Two big Buddhas. Men and women back to back in the center
4, A dark space in the center and something lined up and bottom

How to see Mandalas
This is a meditation space. It is actually dark.

 To see Mandalas a meditator enter the bottom part. The parts where mandalas can be seen are the front(gray) and the three bottom(orange, red, sky blue)  Those are reverse stages.

The meditator step down and reaches stage -5 (spirit eyesight). He goes to the end of the stage. He see tailbone chakra. He looks at the perfect mandala there.

How to go down at bottom parts
In the bottom area at meditation space, the meditator falls a little. Then he goes down the stage. It is the way to go through the chakras.

The method of watching the mandala in Tibet is called “Kala Chakra”. 

How to see the mandala clearly
To see the complete mandala, go to end of stage -5. He goes to the tailbone chakra and watches forward.

Three points
1, Go down the bottom parts. 
2. Go down to stage -5. 
3, To see cleary you enter tailbone chakra at the stage -5. 

1, Big Buddha & 6 Buddha mandara
 This is the famous Mandala. The big Buddha is in the center and the small Buddhas are around it.

How to see it
The meditator goes down the sky blue part to stage -5. If he don't see the mandara well, put his meditation eyes in the tailbone chakra and see forward.

Mandala commentary
 The large square is orange. That is the color of tailbone chakra. You see a big Buddha in the center. It is your guardian spirit. The Buddha of a man and  a woman are back to back in the upper and lower areas. There are a total of 6 Buddhas on the left and right sides. There is a male Buddha on the right and a female Buddha on the left. Behind the mandala, you see the eyes.

What is Buddha
 Buddha is a heavenly spirit. The central Buddha is his guardian spirit. The small Buddhas are a family of it. The top is its parents, the middle is its brothers and sisters, and the bottom is its child. It is not the guardian spirit of the human family. Men are on the right and women are on the left.

When you look to the left and right of a small Buddha, you will see many Buddhas of each stages.

 When you look at the Buddha, you realize that you have heavenly companions, a family of souls that you don't know yet, unknown brothers, parents, and children. You can feel happy by knowing new relationships between humans and guardian spirits.

 A demon appears when trying to communicate with the Buddha. The Buddha never talks to you. Touch the Buddha and find out what he is doing in heaven now. Eventually, you will understand the idea of Buddha. Everyone connects with many Buddhas.
Corner roof
 It is a tube that holds down. There are four corners.

 Stage -5 is eye sensation of your spirit. Touching the upper semicircle stimulates the upper side of your eyes. The lower semicircle is below your eyes.

The pubic chakra Mandara
   You go to the pubic chakra at the stage -5. You see a strange mandala. The upper half is like a stack of plates. The lower half is different. There is such a mandala picture.

2, Kalachakra Mandara
 It is a mandala of a picture sold as a mandala of Kharachakra. There is no Buddha. You can see cross-sectional views of many towers.

 You enter the orange bottom part. You go down to the stage -5. You reach to the end of stage -5 (sprit eyesight). You see forward. When you focus on your tailbone chakra, you see it cleary.

 The three-dimensional mandala (search image) is the tower itself. It is a figure often seen in Tibetan and South Asian Buddhism.

 It is the outer shape of the meditation space. The outermost side of the tower is a square. Touch the outermost square. The lower wall is the back of the head. The right wall is the right side of the head. The left wall is the left side of it. The upper wall is around the middle head. The tower like a three-dimensional mandala is behind the middle of the head.

3, Two big men and women Mandara
 The mandala with big Buddhas in the middle. There are male and female Buddhas and they are sexy. It is one of Tibetan mandalas. People see this mandala not because of desire.
 You see this in your bottom red part.

Male & Female Buddhas
Male & Female Buddhas
 There are two Buddhas. The man is on the right and はfaces to the right. The woman is on the left and faces to the left. The same-sex Buddha is your guardian spirit. You have the most beloved opposite sex to which the red thread connects. The guardian spirit is on the other side.

Bottom and Top row
 Square windows are lined top and bottom. You can see the inside. These are visible.

Top center right   - stage last half        'center, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5(shine),,,,'
Top center left     - stage first half        ',,,,,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1, center'
Bottom center right - stage last half     'center , 1(Physiological desire),2,3,4,5,6,,,,,'
Bottom center left   - stage first half     ',,,,5,4,3,2,1, center '

There is a mandala that draws filth in the center right below. It is correct because it is the position of physiological desire.

4, Mandala dark in the middle
This mandala is gray in the middle. This is in an old mandala painting.
You go into front your gray part. You see it when you go down stage -5. The top and bottom row are the same as Mandala 3(male & female).

 Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience ----. Please. " When you think so, you can experience it by the invisible machine. Put number or name of meditation "----". And let's meditate.
This is for those who want to experience hallucinations in meditation. Do it at your own risk.

Think "I want to see '_____'. "

1, 'The big Buddha Mandara'
 a, go into the sky blue part at the bottom
 b reach to the stage -5 
 c, watch into the chakra of the coccyx 
 d, Observe freely
2, 'Khalachakra Mandala' 
3, 'Man & Female Buddha Mandala'
4, 'Dark Mandala'
  If you can, try it for yourself.
 See you

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