I am a master of meditation in Osaka. Humans have two parts connected to other men and women in the heart (brain). You can resarch it with meditation. You can find a red thread partner in this page practice. This time I will explain the Man & Woman Part 2 (Above blue and red).


Connection with men and women
 If you enter that part by meditation, you can see the currently connected men and women. The connection period varies from stage to stage. There is the opposite sex that you love forever. By examining this, you can also find out the gender of the person. The right hand side is a man and the left hand side is a woman.

Stage 1-3
Nearby men and women are randomly connected for about 3 minutes. Sensitive people can see their multidimensional self entering into others. There is no special reason for the opponent here.

Stage 4 - About month connection 
Men and women are connected for about a month. You feel close to them. Usually they are in the neighborhood. In rare cases they are far away. I call them jet-black.

Stage 5 - A year connection
Men and women are connected for one year from April. You get to know them. They are your good friends. From this stage on, they belong to the same soul mate group as you.

Stage 6 - Eternal Love
The opposite sex connected here is the person you love most. You are on the other side. You can find your gender by examining it. You will marry here in Heaven and love it forever.

Stage 7-84 - A year connection
They connect with you for a year. There are men and women per stage. Since there are 78 stages, there are 78x2 = 156 people. They belong same soul mate group as you. You feel them close.

How are men and women selected?
Stages 1-3 are chosen by random neighbors. God chooses after stage 4. From stage 5 on, they will be selected within the same soulmate group.

Soulmate group
 It is a group of guardian spirits. There are 5 types. There are three groups: the royal group, the general group, and the specific planet group.
A royal group is a group that kings other stars. On earth, they are called angelic children of the stars of God. Various star royals gather to form a soulmate group
A general group is a group of other spirits. This is the biggest.
A group of specific planets is a group of spirits who come from one planet and form a group. There are 'White tigers', 'Roses' and 'Northern galaxies'.

Even if you meditate on this part, there will be nothing specially trained. The point is that you know who you are closest to. This is a meditation with the needs of those who seek true love.

 Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience ----. Please. " When you think so, you can experience it by the invisible machine. Put number or name of meditation "----". And let's meditate.

1, Meditation to connect stage 1 woman and men
 You can see its location by clairvoyance. You make sure he or she will be another person in 3 minutes.
2, Meditation to connect stage 4 woman and men
3, Connection stage 5 woman and men
You connect with him and her for a year. Who are they? 

4, Eternal Love
 It is stage 6(society) connection. That person is the partner God has decided. First you understand your gender. The man on the right side. The left side is a woman. Second, you find the beloved opposite sex.

5, You can check the specified stage.
Think the numbers 1-84.

 If you find something, please comment.

See you.