I am a master of meditation. I live in Osaka Japan. By meditation, I became a clairvoyant and got wisdom. I have meditated for 35 years. I opened third eye (stage 15) in my forties. Now I reached stage 36 "throat". I am a person who rationally reveals meditation. I am known as the ruler of spirit in Japan.

Enjoy the best meditation theory in the world net.

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I clarified the stage of meditation in detail by clairvoyance. That is the first in the world. This will be more detailed than Buddhism. Tibet is an exception. I will report it here. 


Stage of Meditation
 There is a theme for each stage in meditation. There are 84 stages in meditation. I found theme up to 36 steps. This corresponds to the stage of developmental psychology and Buddhism. The chakra is a negative stage. Chakras are in the head, throat, chest, and tailbone so on. That is one round. Chakra has a total of 840 laps.
Stage until 73

 Sense & Recognition
1, Physiological desire 2, Five senses 3, Perception 4, Movement 5, Reason 6, Society 7, Space 8, Face 9, Line 10, Point 11, Gas 12, Mineral 13, Plant 14, Animal
  15, Eyes / sight (third eye) 16, Ears / hearing 17, Nose / Sense of smell 18, Tongue / taste 19, Skin / tactile sense 20, Mouth 21, Throat 22, Stomach 23, Small intestine 24, Large intestine 25, Rectum 26, Nose 27, Respiratory tract 28 Lung 29, Skin 30, Nail 31, Hair 32, Bone 33, Blood vessel 34, Muscle 35, Mouth 36, Throat, 37 Stomach, 38 Small intestine, 39 Large intestine...

The stage in Buddhism
 In Japan Buddhism there are 10 stages. The first 4 stages are the Form realm(色界). The next 4 zen are the Formless realm(無色界). Above that is Sannavedayitanirodha meditation (想受滅) and  (滅尽定). Form realm is unclear. Instead, I use Five Aggregates(Pañca-skanda,五蘊). Five Aggregate has the following 5 stages: 1, Physiological needs 2,Five senses 3, Recognition 4, Movement 5, Consciousness. 

Form realm(色界) - 4 wisdoms (4智)
1,  Mirror-like wisdom - ādarśa-jñāna (大円鏡智)
2,  Wisdom of equality - samatājñāna (平等性智)
3, State of Wisdom of wondrous observation (妙観察智) 
4, The wisdom of perfect practice - ādarśa-jñāna (成所作智)  

Five Aggregates - Pañca-skanda(五蘊)  
1, Physiological needs - rūpa-skanda (色蘊) 
2, Five senses - vedanā-skanda (受蘊) 
3, Perception- saññā-skanda (想蘊)  
4, Movement - Saṅkhāra-skanda(行蘊) 
5, Consciousness - viññāṇa-skanda  (識蘊)

Formless realm(無色界) 4 Zen
5, Natural law is infinite (空無辺処)
6, Intelligence is infinite (識無辺処)
7, Place is infinite (無所有処)
8, Face is infinite  (非想非非想処)

The explanation of Buddhism is confusing. These details is only known the secret Buddhist monks. These are not disclosed. But some people want to know it. This time, I will explain in detail the 10 stages.

10 Stages

-n, Chakra
0, Common people
1, Physiological needs (appetite, thirsty, breath, defecate, urinate) (色蘊) 
2, Five senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin) (受蘊)
3, Perception (想蘊)
4, Movement (行蘊)
5, Reason (Emptiness) - Consciousness (識蘊), law is infinite(空無辺処)
6, Society - Intelligence is infinite (識無辺処)
7, Space (3 dimensions) - Place is infinite (無所有処)
8, Face (2 dimensions) - Face is infinite  (非想非非想処)
9, Line  (1 dimension) - Sannavedayitanirodha meditation (想受滅)
10, Point (0 dimension) - All consciousness stop and keep the state (滅尽定)

About my theory
- The first half and the last half are in a stage. The first half is recognition, the last half is practice.
- There are 10 mini step in a stage. The first half includes mini 5 stages. The last half does mini 5 stages.
- The stages correspond to the Buddhism and developmental psychology.
- Each stage has a theme.
- Chakra can be experienced as you move backwards. Chakra is a negative stage.
- I confirmed the stage to 84 levels. Stage 85 is same as -1 stage (Chakra lap 1).
- You can experience stages in meditation curriculum. I can provide you various meditation when only you read my blog.

If you are interested in this, please do my curriculum. This curriculum is for advanced meditator. When you read this and meditate, you experience certain stages and mental states. I can guide the reader's meditation.

Since demonstrate my ability, I prepared four meditations. Something happens with this guided meditation. Only those who agree that it is the meditator's self-responsible can do this. For example, it is the practitioner's responsibility to be afraid of seeing the ghost. The same for all practices in my blog.

1, Meditation to see the spirit
2, Dreaming meditation
3, Meditation astral body go out of the body
4, Meditation to stop pain

Think it. "By the power made in Japan, let me experience ----. Please. "
When you think so, you can experience it by the invisible machine. Put number or name of meditation "----". And let's meditate. 

1, Meditation to see the spirit
 The meditator experiences stage 7 (Space) last half dissociation.  He sees spirits. Let's think words and meditate. He feel spirit in his body. He looks around. The spirit is also in the object. There is a spirit where there is nothing. It is a ghost.
2, Dreaming meditation
 He experiences stage 6(Society) last half dissociation. He watches his dream. It is his or other future. Some one dreaming came  in his body from past. You can see the dreams of others.

3, Meditation astral body go out of the body
 He goes into stage 5(Reason) last half dissociation. He experiences his astral body. It goes out of his body. It flies. It goes far in a moment.

4, Meditation to reduce pain
 It is a common skill of master meditator. He dissociates early in stage 2(5 Senses). He can lose skin sensation in early stage 2. This will reduce his pain.

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