Meditation Stage

I am a master of meditation in Japan. I explain meditation stages, psychic and hallucination. The cover photo is east Shiga.

Meditation Stage イメージ画像

June 2020

Hi Some people are worried about COVID-19. Let's meditate to eliminate your anxiety. And enjoy happy days. The anxiety disorder is a symptom of an anxiety and a fear. This patient is afraid of a fear, a sadness and an anxiety. When the symptoms worsen,
『Meditation to heal anxiety disorders』の画像

 Hi  Hi. I went to Kyoto last month. There are wonderful space. Many monks meditate there.  Higashi Honganji Temple is large in Kyoto.Meditation to know your stage Meditators are wondering where their stage is. Will I be awake soon? When will I see
『Meditation to know your stage』の画像