Meditation Stage

I am a master of meditation in Japan. I explain meditation stages, psychic and hallucination. The cover photo is east Shiga.

Meditation Stage イメージ画像

May 2020

 I went to Kyoto the other day. There is the home of Japanese Buddhism. There are many temples. Many monks meditate in Enryakuji Temple on Mt Hiei. What Higashi Honganji is big !This page, I will reply the question for meditation beginners.Question Whe
『Where do you stay in your head during meditation?』の画像

I am a master of meditation in Osaka. This time, I will explain how to contact with something during meditation. Suddenly, the meditator hears a mysterious voice. He sees something suspicious. That is the beginning of contacts.In Buddhism it is a "demon".
『Contact by meditation』の画像